Ron S. Riddick, CA Emeritus (b.1952)

Ron Riddick, CA


Ron Riddick moved to Arizona in 1979, being inspired by the brilliant light, colorful historic cultures and the old-fashioned Western traditions. It was there he met his wife, Natalie, whose gifts and talents partnered together with his to create a new and wonderful shared vision. With many years in the equine industry, her insights, knowledge and love of ranch life are a constant source of motivation and encouragement.

With heartfelt thanks to a long list of artists for their inspiration, Ron is a dedicated student of art history.  His personal style and blend of realism and colorism through classical painting techniques finds fulfilment in the rich and diverse subject matter in the great American West.

Ron has had the honor of receiving numerous Gold and Silver awards for his paintings, water solubles and drawings at CAA exhibitions as well as other national museum shows across the country.

Source: Cowboy Artist of America

Ron Riddick, CA