The Eddie Basha Collection

One of the largest, privately-owned collections of Contemporary Western American & American Indian Art in the world.


Art is Meant to be Shared

"History has repeatedly shown us art endures. We are only its stewards."


It's the essence of my life.

A Friend and Mentor

"When you are passionate about something you want to make that personal connection because that is what really matters in the end."


What makes this gallery unique is the fact that there is such a relationship between the collector and the artist.

The Gift of Laughter

"I want my epitaph to say, ‘Eddie Basha, he was a good man, but a bad boy' and that’s how I want to be remembered."


He was an incredible practical jokster, but also the best friend you ever had.

The Basha Family

"It was more than just collecting art. It was a reflection of who he was, how he lived, and the many facets of his personality and character."


He was a larger than life individual, especially for us.

American Indian Culture

It is a distinct pleasure to aid in the preservation of such a rich history and heritage.


His legacy in Indian Country cannot be underestimated.