Nelson Tsosie (b.1961)

Nelson Tsosie


Nelson Tsosie was born in Shiprock, New Mexico, and lived most of his younger life around the St. Michaels and Two Grey Hills area of the Navajo Reservation.  Tsosie’s parents were artists in their own right. His mother was a rug weaver and his father a silversmith and mason by trade.   Tsosie attended Yavapai Community College in Prescott, Arizona, where he studied commercial art.  He went on to further his art study disciplines at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

Always yearning to stay close to his roots and maintain a healthy perspective, Nelson’s work remains steeped in tradition with a historical accuracy that can only come from a comprehensive love of one’s culture and the people that represent it with pride and dignity.  Nelson’s work can be found in museums, galleries and public facilities nationwide.

Source:  Artist’s Website

Nelson Tsosie