Bob Boomer (b.1944)

Bob Boomer


Bob Boomer grew up on a small farm in California’s San Joaquin Valley where he carved totem poles and small sculptures at his grandfather’s cabinet shop. For as long as he can remember, Boomer has loved the sight, feel and smell of wood. Boomer earned a degree in industrial arts in 1968 from California State University in Fresno. “After running an arts and crafts program for four years at a California high school, I set out to earn a living as a sculptor.”

For over twenty years, Bob has been a professional artist. His unique sculptures are made of Manzanita wood found near his secluded home in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. His sculptures emerge from the tight-grain, weathered wood into sinuous flowing line that reflects a complete synthesis of man and nature. He sees women’s long hair and dresses in the flow of the wood. Boomer creates graceful sculptures of Native American women and children involved in their everyday joys and struggles. His subjects are the Hopi and Navajo peoples of the Southwest and the tribes native to his region of California.

Bob creates approximately 50 sculptures a year. He also produces limited edition bronzes directly from the original wood sculptures. By keeping the edition numbers small, his work stays fresh and unique, enhancing its value.

Source: Mockingbird Gallery

Bob Boomer