True West Magazine Award Announcement

We are humbled and honored to receive the True West Magazine 2021 Best American Indian Collection Award.  However, the accolades truly belong with the amazing and talented American Indian artists whose work graces our walls and surfaces:  Clifford Beck, Victor Beck, Harrison Begay, Gail Bird/Yazzie Johnson, Shawn Bluejacket, Cecil Calnimptewa, Helen Cordero, Jennifer Curtis, Upton Ethelbah, Jody Folwell, Ros George, Larry Golsh, Brian Honyouti, Rondina Huma, Ron Jackson, Oreland Joe, David Johns, Wilmer Kaye, Steve LaRance, James Little, Charles Loloma, the Martinez Family, Lucy Leuppe McKelvey, Doug Miles, Tommy Montoya, Dan Namingha, the Nampeyo Family, Verma “Sonwai” Nequatewa, Norbert Peshlakai, Loren Phillips, Al Qöyawayma, Terry & Joe Reano, Mike Bird Romero, LuAnn Tafoya, Dennis Tewa, Denise Wallace, Baje Whitethorne, Johnson Yazzie, Lance Yazzie, Larry Yazzie, Nancy Youngblood, and so many, many more.  The artists’ work can be found on their websites, in numerous galleries across the country as well as in museum gift shops.