Russ Bowers (b.1952)

Russell Bowers


Mr. Bowers currently resides in Mesa, Arizona, but often travels to Mexico to execute watercolors of the area. He created an “Arizona Collection” of paintings completed in December 1981. This artist had exhibited his work at Main Trail Galleries in Scottsdale as well as the Sanders Gallery in Tucson, Arizona.

He also produces figurative bronze castings. One of these of a small boy (1996) is part of Tempe’s public art program and is positioned at Grove Parkway Plaza.

Russell Bowers was commisioned to create an artwork consisting of three bronze figures as a monument to the work and efforts of the Chandler Police Department in Arizona. This bronze artwork reminds us of the dedication and honor of Chandler’s Police force. The artwork is sited in the plaze in front of the Chandler Police Department administration building.

Source: Savvy Collector

Russell Bowers