Keith Christie

Keith Christie

“As an artist, you are really only competing with yourself ,” Keith says. “Each time I begin a new work the challenge is to create a better piece than the last one. I keep learning and experimenting, but always striving to improve.”

Keith was busy teaching high school and creating his art as a hobby in 1972, when his life took an unexpected turn. Wells Fargo Bank purchased his entire edition of twelve 5′-6″ Bronze Stagecoaches. The Stagecoaches are now featured in the executive offices of the Bank’s major branches all over the world. This purchase opened the door to several Fine Art galleries, and creating art became a full time profession. “Best of all,” Keith says, “it financed my dream of owning a ranch in the Sierra Foothills of California.” Keith continues to live and work on his ranch along with his wife, Vaughn. His three children and seven grandchildren enjoy visiting as often as possible.

Since then, Keith has produced well over 160 Bronze Sculpture editions and close to a thousand Oil Paintings. His work is collected by individuals and corporations all over the world. In 1980, Keith’s book entitled JUMPING CHOLLA, Genesis of a Bronze Sculpture was published by Northland Press of Flagstaff, Arizona. The book details the creation of a Bronze Sculpture from the artist’s initial idea to the finished work of art. The book is filled with drawings and photographs which are most helpful to beginning artists and collectors who need a good understanding of the sculpture process.

In 2002, the Navy selected Keith to create a large Bronze Plaque as part of a Memorial honoring U.S. Military Service Members which is now a landmark at the lookout site on the North side of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Keith has been infatuated with the subject of Cowboys and Horses for as long as he can remember. His early sculptures were carved from bars of ordinary household soap or clay from a nearby creek. According to his mother, “A piece of wood wasn’t safe from his creative whittling once he had been granted the privilege of owning and sharpening his own pocketknife at the age of 8!”

To this day, Keith is fascinated with Western images and the environment in which they exist. “I can never imagine running out of ideas when it comes to Western Art,” Keith says.

Source: Broadmoor Galleries

Keith Christie