Harley Brown, CA Emeritus (b.1939)

Harley Brown, CA Emeritus


Harley Brown’s pastel portraits are his distinctive style. His drawings demonstrate the pure talent and heart for his subject matter.

Formal art education was only a small part of his “art pedigree.” Entrepreneurial, bold and eager, Harley struck out on his own to make his mark in the art world. That journey has taken many turns through Europe and Asia, as well as Russia, Australia and Mexico.

Harley has been a part of the Western art community for a number of years participating in the C.M. Russell Auction of Original Western Art. Robert Lougheed was a major influence and inspiration for Harley and helped him focus on western art. Harley would mark the 1977 visit to Prix de West with Lougheed as a major turning point in his career.

Since his election to membership in 2005 and his first show in 2006, he has won two Gold medals and gained the respect of his peers.

Source: Cowboy Artists of America

Harley Brown, CA Emeritus