Cecil Calnimptewa (b. 1950)

Cecil Calnimptewa

(b. 1950)

Cecil Calnimptewa, Jr. is a top prize-winning Hopi carver. His one-piece carvings are highly sought by museums and serious collectors. Cecil is the only Hopi carver to have been profiled in a monograph.

Cecil was initiated and began to participate in the dances. To develop his style, Cecil’s wife, Muriel Navasie, helped him by serving as a model. He draped her with fabric to study natural folds in cloth. He also dressed himself up in lilts and sashes, carefully observing the details while standing in front of a mirror.

In August of 1991, Cecil won Best of Division, Best of Class, and 1st place ribbons at Santa Fe Indian Market. After they returned home, tragedy struck. Muriel suddenly became ill and soon passed away from pneumonia. Some suspected Hantavirus. The loss of his wife was hard. While his family members helped him maintain a gallery on Third Mesa, Cecil consoled his children. He later returned to carving, creating some of his most powerful artwork.

Source:  Hopi Katsina: 1,600 Artist Biographies by Gregory and Angie Schaaf

Cecil Calnimptewa